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Food or Product Brand

My business is devoted to working with fantastic product and food brands to create visual content and videos for their social media that connect with your current and future fans.



I have a special passion for the hospitality industry and working with awesome restaurants to create images and videos that tell your story and connect with your current and future customers.


Cocktail Bartender

I am interested in recipe development and putting great spirits into the world! I have expertise in photography and video production and would be happy to discuss partnering together.


Book publisher

It's one of my favorite B2B work collaborations. It’s especially fun for me to create work for editorial purposes as it involves teamwork. I’d love to contribute the next time there’s an opportunity.



I recently discovered how much I enjoy cookbook photography while starting to work on a Spanish family recipe book project. I would love to be considered for future opportunities.



As a photographer, I specialize in recipe photography and love helping bloggers make mouthwatering images for their websites and social media. If you have an interest in potentially working with a photographer to produce your images, I’d be happy to chat.


Event Organiser

Photography at food-related events is, in my opinion, an excellent way to enhance the experience beyond the dining table. I can elevate the event by capturing the excitement and energy, allowing your audience to savor every moment through stunning photography.


Project Manager

Since 2023 I have hosted external productions in our studio lead by Digital Agencies that needed a unique and full equipped space like ours. I am always grateful if I can participate in one or another way to achieve your goals.


Small Entrepreneur

I know the struggles of running a one-person business and the financial concerns about investing in marketing assets. That's why I am an active mentor and often give online workshops and 1:1 in-person sessions.

Food & Drinks Photography

I take into consideration the colors, textures, and presentation of your dishes to make them pop off the page and grab the attention of your target audience. With my keen eye for detail and passion for food, I guarantee that your marketing materials will stand out from the crowd.

Whether it's on-site or in my studio, I'm available to cater to your food photography needs. Together, we'll work to define your style and create authentic, stunning imagery that's unique to your brand.

Product & Stock Visual Content

Quality product photos show that a brand cares about the details and isn't trying to hide anything. Plus, they help your customers make informed decisions and set expectations.

If you’re in need of product photos, I offer in-studio and on-location shoots and will work with you to create images that accurately represent your products. I can deliver dynamic lifestyle photos or e-commerce shots ideal for Shopify, Squarespace, and other online storefronts.

Videos & Stop Motion

By embracing the enchantment of small video productions, you can elevate your brand's content marketing to new heights.

In a world where attention spans are short, stop motion creates a captivating experience. Through its unique, frame-by-frame narrative style, it keeps viewers engaged for more extended periods, giving your brand an opportunity to convey its message effectively.

Hotels & Restaurants

Visual images are crucial for successful marketing, with 32% of marketers considering them the most important content form, and 80% using visual assets in social media marketing.

For restaurants, visual marketing is especially vital since food is a highly visual product. The presentation of a dish influences how much a customer desires to eat it. Restaurant photography is an art that showcases the best parts of a dish and the restaurant's environment, evoking emotions and exciting taste buds.


What Are Your Prices?

At the moment I do not have an hourly rate or packages to offer. Instead, I love to jump on a call with those interested in working with me! This gives both of us the opportunity to get to know each other. I also get to learn more about your project so I can provide you with an accurate quote. Reach out today to get started!

*Projects start at 750€

Are you available outside of Berlin?

Sure, I get booked regularly in Switzerland for assignments, as well as in other German cities and EU countries.

Take a look at my travel availibility.

Do You Have A Studio?

95% of my work is done at my kitchen studio or on location with a client. Every so often, a project will require renting a bigger studio, but we can discuss this during a phone call together!

I would like to book you for a shooting, how do I proceed?

Once you’ve made up your mind, complete the inquiry form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. From there we’ll have a quick call to discuss things and plan everything out.

How much in advance notice is needed?

Short-term photo appointments can be organized up to 48 hours in advance - seven days a week.

What if I have to cancel the order?

Cancellations must be made in writing. The associated cancellation fee is calculated as follows:
- within 14 days before the appointment: 25%
- within 7 days before the appointment: 50%
- within 2 days before the appointment: 100% of the agreed total amount.

Do you exclusively do food photography?

While for the last years, 70% of the commissions were in food photography; most included interior shots in Hotels and Restaurants to feature architecture, portraits, or lifestyle scenes or events.

Do You Offer Retainers?

I do! Ensure that you always have fresh, exciting visuals by committing to working together for at least three months. I offer a 10% discount on retainers, an excellent opportunity to build up your brand assets.

Are You Able to Match My Brand's Current Style?

Absolutely! I aim to have the photos we create blend seamlessly into your marketing strategy and style. I love learning your brand colors, the kind of light you prefer, props that make your eyes light up, and the type of images your current audience is drawn to so I can help you stay on-brand and look amazing!

Do you have a different question?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with me! Mon-Sun from 09.00 - 20.00 o'clock through email cristina@shotwithsoul.com or schedule a call.

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