“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.”

Capturing beauty is her calling.

Capturing beauty is Cristina's calling; even without a camera, she sees life through the lens. Cristina's dazzling editorials have been featured in various media, from digital outlets to magazines. She prides herself on her ability to bring together a final product that conveys an impressive well of photographic knowledge and creates a work of art that tells a story. Beautiful imagery that is both complex yet effortless, worth looking at again and again.

Working with some of the top-tier chefs in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Zurich, as well as working closely with editors, producers, writers, stylists, designers, and art directors, Cristina has gathered a list of close contacts in the publishing domain as well as in the advertising and marketing agencies that is forever expanding.

Cristina feels honored she gets to follow her passion for photography and food while meeting fantastic people and working closely with creative souls. This professional is ever-developing and forever capturing the beauty of life.

© H. Franzen


Art Direction

Art Direction is the expansive strategy of presenting visual content to increase audience connection. You can find more about her process here.

Cristina's past role in the international media as a creative producer supporting photographers with the conceptual ideas behind the photo essays is her foundation while heading up a team and creating the aesthetic of each project.


Listed as a Phase One Certified Professional, Cristina brings over 18 years of experience in the photography industry. She claims no camera has yet resisted in her hands and has enjoyed trying all formats ranging from analogical to digital.

Cristina brings a unique perspective to photography. Her background in Art History, Fine Arts Photography, and Photojournalism provides her with a solid groundwork to relate to almost any commission.


Production can be divided into three main stages: Pre-production, production and post-production. Amongst them are several significant subtasks, all of which help develop the final images.

Check out her motion videos.


In a turnaround time, she delivers personal galleries to clients before starting the basic postproduction workflow.

When asked for, Cristina's extensive experience in the editorial field allows her to provide additional high-quality, tailored post-production quotes where an individual approach or effect is required/desired.

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